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Welcome to la maison de COCO

Balancing Act at la maison de COCO

la maison de COCO is relocating and is currently working on designs for a production studio but will no longer have a retail establishment. Once our website is renovated to accommodate e-commerce, our loyal clientele will be able to ship chocolate specialties from la maison de COCO to their homes. Our website will also offer subscription series for monthly truffle deliveries, la maison de COCO playlists, video classes and even gourmet COCO trips!!! Stay Tuned....

The pastry chef at la maison de COCO has spent the past 20 years developing recipes that will marvel your guests, especially those with an artistic eye and discerning palate. If you need a dessert for a dinner party, allow la maison de COCO to end the evening on a sweet note. If you are at a loss for a unique hostess gift, stop by la maison de COCO and allow our staff to assist you in making the perfect selection.